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My Hair History 2010-2016

It has been a while since I’ve done a hair update, yet I answer several questions about natural hair from my followers almost every day . I’ve put together a collage to show how my natural hair journey has progressed over the last 6 years. I will also give you a play by play of some of my most memorable hair moments that some of my new followers and subscribers may have missed.

First up is my big chop! August 2010 I was so inspired by my sister going natural that I decided to big chop as soon as my then boyfriend got back in town. I have an article on CurlsUnderstood.com detailing how it affected my relationship. It was fun to have my sister be able to join me for such a fun adventure.

Up next is my hair at its longest after being natural for about 3 years. At this point my son was already born and I was short on time and getting bored with my hair. The cure for boredom is change so I went for something fun. I shaved both sides of my hair in a mohawk style. I tried every style possible with this cut before I was ready for change again.

To cure my new found boredom I just shaved my entire head and it felt even better than cutting my hair the first time. Naturally there was no fear of the unknown. This time I even used my husband’s clippers to shave it myself. (You have not lived until you have shaved your own head bald. Love you Brittney Spears! )

After my hair started to grow back I was all about experimenting with color because I had never done it before. First I let my hair grow a tiny bit then I went right for purple. To get the hue I wanted I bleached my hair first, then I dyed it purple. Honestly I did not love that as much as I though I would.

From the purple, I cut most of it off and went darker with a deep burgundy but that didn’t last long. I eventually went platinum blonde for a month or so. Having my hair that light was an incredible amount of maintenance. My roots seemed to grow within two days of a retouch. My hair that was all ready light just got lighter and borderline white with each retouch.

That brings you up to the present. After a few weeks of growing, my natural hair color returned and I got my hair cut several times before deciding to grow my hair out into a tapered afro. You know I couldn’t stay away from the color so I went for a more natural light auburn which I loved even as it grew out as it is today.

So now that I have given you my entire  hair history I must admit that I’M BORED AGAIN! I need a change so stay tuned to see what I’ll do next. Enjoy!

The BEST Place in Bangkok!

The BEST hostel in Bangkok is The Yard! I was lucky enough to get a room and wise enough to book in advance. The Yard is an oasis, a sanctuary. Bangkok is bustling with traffic and people but walking into The Yard, all my stress dissipated. Not only was I greeted by a wonderfully manicured green space, the warm smiles I received were contagious. The Yard is whimsical by day and magical by night. There’s a mini library including dvds, ps3 games, a full bar and a delicious burger stand. Honestly, one can call it a night and relax after a long hot day of sightseeing. Breakfast (cereal, yogurt, fruit, toast, jam, butter, tea, coffee), towels and a locker included for $15 a night. There’s a kitchenette if you wish to save by making a few meals. Without the compassionate and fun loving crew, it would be an empty place, beautiful, but empty. I was surrounded by interesting and well traveled individuals  who often invited me to tag along, which I gladly accepted. The Yard was such phenomenal haven that I was heartbroken to leave. I was not disappointed. If anything, I am worried my high expectations will lead to future hostel suffering lol.

Find Mischief,

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