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My Hair History 2010-2016

It has been a while since I’ve done a hair update, yet I answer several questions about natural hair from my followers almost every day . I’ve put together a collage to show how my natural hair journey has progressed over the last 6 years. I will also give you a play by play of some of my most memorable hair moments that some of my new followers and subscribers may have missed.

First up is my big chop! August 2010 I was so inspired by my sister going natural that I decided to big chop as soon as my then boyfriend got back in town. I have an article on CurlsUnderstood.com detailing how it affected my relationship. It was fun to have my sister be able to join me for such a fun adventure.

Up next is my hair at its longest after being natural for about 3 years. At this point my son was already born and I was short on time and getting bored with my hair. The cure for boredom is change so I went for something fun. I shaved both sides of my hair in a mohawk style. I tried every style possible with this cut before I was ready for change again.

To cure my new found boredom I just shaved my entire head and it felt even better than cutting my hair the first time. Naturally there was no fear of the unknown. This time I even used my husband’s clippers to shave it myself. (You have not lived until you have shaved your own head bald. Love you Brittney Spears! )

After my hair started to grow back I was all about experimenting with color because I had never done it before. First I let my hair grow a tiny bit then I went right for purple. To get the hue I wanted I bleached my hair first, then I dyed it purple. Honestly I did not love that as much as I though I would.

From the purple, I cut most of it off and went darker with a deep burgundy but that didn’t last long. I eventually went platinum blonde for a month or so. Having my hair that light was an incredible amount of maintenance. My roots seemed to grow within two days of a retouch. My hair that was all ready light just got lighter and borderline white with each retouch.

That brings you up to the present. After a few weeks of growing, my natural hair color returned and I got my hair cut several times before deciding to grow my hair out into a tapered afro. You know I couldn’t stay away from the color so I went for a more natural light auburn which I loved even as it grew out as it is today.

So now that I have given you my entire  hair history I must admit that I’M BORED AGAIN! I need a change so stay tuned to see what I’ll do next. Enjoy!

Authentically B featured on BGLH

I was featured in an article that discusses naturals opting to go for shorter natural hair after having long natural hair. Check it out!



Why I Went Natural (Must Read)

Why did you go natural? or Why do you choose not to wear your hair natural?

I saw this picture in my Bloglovin feed a few days ago and it dawned on me that the words “Go Natural” meant little to me just 5 short years ago. I’ve learned so much about living a cleaner ,more natural lifestyle both with the foods and products that I use and with how I wear my hair.

In the fall of 2010, my sister called me and said that she was going to start wearing her hair natural. This was the first I had heard of it and I quickly went on YouTube to watch the links from the videos she sent me. There I saw dozens and dozens of women empowering other women by showing them the beauty and uniqueness of their natural hair. I could not believe that I had been on earth 23 years without truly considering what I was doing with my hair. I decided that same night that I was going to follow in my sisters foot steps and wear my hair natural too! At the age of 28, I know so many amazing women of various ethnic backgrounds with beautiful hair. Hair that is beautiful because these women wear their hair exactly as it grows from their scalps with out finding fault in it.

I’m not saying these amazing women don’t flat-iron,curl, style, and change their hair often. These women just do those things for a different reason than why I was “choosing” to relax my hair with chemical straighteners. This may sound crazy, but I literally was not aware that I had options when it came to chemically straightening my hair. Was I really making a choice if I was unaware of all my options? There is a well-known saying that says “When you know better, you’ll do better”. Going natural for me took that saying and brought it to life.

 Fall 2010, Newly Natural

So again, why did you go natural? or Why do you choose not to wear your hair natural?