Cool in Culottes

Culottes are like when a pair of pants, shorts and a skirt get together and have a baby! Ha ha! They are loose and cool but not stuffy like a traditional pair of pants. They don’t leave you feeling exposed like skirts can sometimes. Finding the right pair can be tricky but once you do, they will be a spring and summer favorite.

I styled these white culottes with a bright red orange top that I picked up from a thrift shop for $4 bucks about two years ago. What style experts say about timeless pieces is true. The shirt is from the 90’s but is 100% silk and is in great condition. Red orange is definitely a spring and summer trend this year so I was glad to already have it.

Lastly, I added a leopard print belt (LOVE leopard prints!!!!) and my fancy bow pumps. My belt and shoes make an other wise forgettable outfit stand out and memorable. When you keep pieces simple you can go crazy with the little things that matter! The purses that you see here are from Milan Blocks and you can mix and match them easily with a simple outfit. They are so fun that you will want them to be the center of attention when you go out! What interesting things do you like to add to simple outfits to make it stand out? Leave me comment and let me know, Enjoy!

Top-Thrift store

Culottes-Forever 21



Purses- Milan Blocks


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