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Maximizer Halter Dress | OOTD

I’ll keep the words to a minimum because honestly, this dress speaks for itself. It passes the mom test (bending over & chasing little ones) and does double duty as a duster. You can layer it over another dress or top and jeans just to name a few. I have a direct link to the website where you can get this fabulous piece. I’m done talking, leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this gem! 

Dress- A Leap of Style

Old Navy’s Spring Style | OOTD

This OOTD just feels like the colors of the sun to me! Bright yellows, variations of orange, and pale pinks really make me feel like spring is on its way. Old Navy did a wonderful job with their new spring collection because not on does this look great, putting it together was easy.

I adore bold textures and details so that lead me to mix this laser cut out top with a nautical feeling pair of striped shorts. It’s a great combination and the shorts act as a neutral in an otherwise busy look. The mirrored sunglass with a pink frame reflect light like the sun and the purse is the final blast of color in the fun look. No surprise that my Chuck Taylor’s were my shoe of choice. Ha ha! Leave me a comment and tell me what you like about this spring look, enjoy!





Purse (similar)


Stylist Ashley Dunn

If you haven’t seen a stylist work to create looks in person than you are missing out on a huge part of the fashion industry. Imagine a busy little bee buzzing around from flower to flower collecting nectar. Watching stylist Ashley Dunn work gave me that same exact visual. I watched her start with inspiration, then she covered an ENTIRE store in about 30 minutes before she started narrowing them down. It was like magic, watching all these separate pieces come together for a complete looks.

As I got to talk more with Ashley I found out that she was not only pulling clothes for an upcoming menswear shoot, but a video shoot as well. The shoots were a few days away but on the day of our meeting she still had to speak to pageant girls at The University of Houston about personal styling. Her to-do-list goes on and on and things are added to it on an hourly basis. She keeps a running list of times, places and locations for her schedule. While most of the world is sleeping Ashley stays up as late as she needs to, to be sure that her daily list is organized for the next day.

Things had not always been so busy for this now experienced stylist working in Houston. Starting out in the corporate world, Ashley eventually left that career to follow her passion and dreams of being a respected, working stylist. Not only did she chase her dreams, she caught them! In 2003 Ashley was still pursuing her degree in college but she knew a career in fashion would make her feel fulfilled. From then until now, the market for stylists in Houston has changed dramatically. There was little demand when she first began styling so making something out of nothing was what she did. She set goals and networked to meet the right people in the industry. Over time people took note of her work ethic and professionalism. In combination with her keen sense on style, it propelled her to the top. She now attends NYFW and has a regular monthly segment on Great Day Houston. She’s a got expert on style and fashion.

None of this came easy, it was worked and sacrificed for! When I asked Ashley how many career goals  she has set and met for herself, she said “It is hard to keep count, but the true blessings are the unexpected milestones that you reach along the way. Being recognized among your peers is and continues to be one of the more rewarding elements.”

To learn more about Ashley Dunn, keep up with her daily happening on Instagram and online.

FGI | The Fashion Group International 

I had an absolute blast attending The Fashion Group Intentional’s holiday party for 2015. Houston fashion designer Steve Guthrie was a gracious and welcoming host. I feel compelled to write my ramblings down after such a wonderful gathering. I had the unique experience of interacting with designers, mixed media artists, illustrators, photographers, teachers, fashion enthusiast and more, all under one roof! With so many creative people that hold different positions with multiple capacities in one space, there were a few reoccurring themes of the night. One being that we were all very happy to be surrounded with like minded individuals. We each were able to have so many meaningful productive conversations, simply because we were all in the same head space. We all wanted to be there, we all wanted to connect, we all wanted to help one another in some way. We happily shared our obsessions, passions, goals, strategies,life lessons and even things we just find hilarious.

I’ve said all that, to say this: Surround yourself with people you want to be like. If there is something you want to do or a goal you want to attain, seek to connect with people who have already done it or that are in pursuit. Not only can you bring new perspectives to the table, but It will help everyone involved to remain INSPIRED! The feeling and thought of inspiration is a critical first step to setting goals for yourself. You’re less likely to set and update your goals if you don’t have good sources of inspiration.
Life Goal# 289 | Be inspired.





Meru Merus by Umair Khan

I watched excitedly as a nearly empty space  turned into a runway. Couture designer Umair Khan was at the head of it all. I LOVE to be front row at fashion shows but my true passion lies in what happens behind the scenes. I love the frantic buzz of designers, models, makeup artists, and hair stylist preparing for for the big moment. My deep appreciation for the people that make wonders happen is the center of this piece.

I watched as designer Umair Khan calmly walked around and put his touch on everything. To watch a designer take such care of seemingly minuscule details was like watching an artist create a masterpiece before my very eyes. Yet while all this was being done, he found the time to make sure I had everything I needed.

Partnered with Umair to finish all the looks was Afsheen Tejani and Pooja Jain of Tezaria’s High Couture Jewelry. The hand crafted pieces gave the feel of completion to every single look. We all know that a couture garment goes seamlessly with couture jewelry and Tezaria’s did not disappoint. See more hand crafted pieces on Instagram. 

 The hard work was done. The beautiful Meru Merus Fall 2015-Winter 2016 couture line was complete. Every model was fitted for garments, they practice their walks, and there was Umair every step of the way making sure that it was Authentically+Meru Merus. The level of preparedness, dedication, and passion was not unnoticed. All of Umair’s influences shined brightly in every piece that came down the runway.The dream and vision of being a respected designer has and will continue to come to fruition for Umair and Meru Merus. Follow Umair on Instagram to get the very latest. Enjoy!