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OOTD |Unique Blazer & Denim Jumper

Any time I get dressed or go shopping the first thing that crosses my mind is “Will this be comfortable?”  This OOTD is not only comfy but it is really versatile.

I adore comfortable jumpers in general but this light denim is just right for spring. It’s on trend with a wide leg opening and has spaghetti straps for a warmer Houston day. I would wear the jumper as is with my converse for running errands and chasing Grant around. If I wanted to take this jumper to a more evening look, I would style it with a unique blazer and a nice high heel (As pictured) .

Let’s give this blazer its own moment! It’s a beautiful navy color, covered in black tassels with black lapels for the accent. This blazer would be a conversation piece any where you go, and especially at a fashion event! This blazer is definitely for the bold woman who has a uncommon fashion style and doesn’t mind standing out. If you are smitten over this click on over to Jaided325 to get this look.

Leave comments and give me your thoughts about this OOTD, Enjoy!



Denim Jumper & Tasseled Blazer- Jaided325



Vintage Meets Chic

Most fashionistas love vintage clothing but don’t want to look frumpy while they’re wearing it. Jai Jones of Jaided325 has a keen eye for styling vintages pieces with everyday wear to create timeless chic looks.

As a young girl , Jai watched her mother dress in beautiful garments and that adoration soon turned into a passion for fashion. Jai has worked as a stylist and is no stranger to finding the right look by mixing old and new. Jai selects vintage pieces for Jaided325 not based on the age of the garment, but by what appeals to her. She admits that some of her more interesting pieces are for that woman who is bold and wants to stand out. To give that bold woman a one of a kind feel, Jai works internationally to provide exclusivity to her brand and customers.

Jaided325 is all clothing but Jai has a small (big, Ha Ha!) obsession with crazy shoes, hats, brooches  and purses. Every time she steps out you can expect a unique look that you won’t soon forget. Take a moment to check out Jai’s store located at Art Square Studios on Commerce to find your next outfit for any event. Enjoy!



Styled by Jai Jones: Vintage faux leather high waisted pants paired with a tuxedo style everyday wear vest. 


FGI | The Fashion Group International 

I had an absolute blast attending The Fashion Group Intentional’s holiday party for 2015. Houston fashion designer Steve Guthrie was a gracious and welcoming host. I feel compelled to write my ramblings down after such a wonderful gathering. I had the unique experience of interacting with designers, mixed media artists, illustrators, photographers, teachers, fashion enthusiast and more, all under one roof! With so many creative people that hold different positions with multiple capacities in one space, there were a few reoccurring themes of the night. One being that we were all very happy to be surrounded with like minded individuals. We each were able to have so many meaningful productive conversations, simply because we were all in the same head space. We all wanted to be there, we all wanted to connect, we all wanted to help one another in some way. We happily shared our obsessions, passions, goals, strategies,life lessons and even things we just find hilarious.

I’ve said all that, to say this: Surround yourself with people you want to be like. If there is something you want to do or a goal you want to attain, seek to connect with people who have already done it or that are in pursuit. Not only can you bring new perspectives to the table, but It will help everyone involved to remain INSPIRED! The feeling and thought of inspiration is a critical first step to setting goals for yourself. You’re less likely to set and update your goals if you don’t have good sources of inspiration.
Life Goal# 289 | Be inspired.