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Vintage Meets Chic

Most fashionistas love vintage clothing but don’t want to look frumpy while they’re wearing it. Jai Jones of Jaided325 has a keen eye for styling vintages pieces with everyday wear to create timeless chic looks.

As a young girl , Jai watched her mother dress in beautiful garments and that adoration soon turned into a passion for fashion. Jai has worked as a stylist and is no stranger to finding the right look by mixing old and new. Jai selects vintage pieces for Jaided325 not based on the age of the garment, but by what appeals to her. She admits that some of her more interesting pieces are for that woman who is bold and wants to stand out. To give that bold woman a one of a kind feel, Jai works internationally to provide exclusivity to her brand and customers.

Jaided325 is all clothing but Jai has a small (big, Ha Ha!) obsession with crazy shoes, hats, brooches  and purses. Every time she steps out you can expect a unique look that you won’t soon forget. Take a moment to check out Jai’s store located at Art Square Studios on Commerce to find your next outfit for any event. Enjoy!



Styled by Jai Jones: Vintage faux leather high waisted pants paired with a tuxedo style everyday wear vest. 


Retro Fashion Show: AI Houston


I am a fashion fan that loves to watch the processes that come together to make a run way show happen. So naturally , I had a blast being back stage at the  Art Institute of Houston’s Retro fashion show. Cool retro pieces by Keosha, Carlos Castillo, Megan Beck and Jessica Lombana sent us back in time. It’s a joy to see budding designers perfect their craft and send it down the runway. Passionate make up artists, hairstylists, models, and designers made the show a success. Have fun checking out the photos and see if you can place the garments in the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s era. Enjoy!