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The Cusp Fashion Event by Neiman Marcus

The Cusp Fashion Event at Neiman Marcus last night felt like a meeting of the minds for fashionable and talented women! I mean, from the moment I arrived I met so many intelligent women with wonderful things to say. I even found a new BFF! Lol (Hey Lacey!!)

The music was awesome and the fashion was great. Trending for spring right now is anything off the shoulder, lots of denim, wide leg (flare,bootcut) pants, tons of lace, and bright red-orange colors.


The panelist for the evening included WNBA star Skylar Diggins, Actress Laura Bell Bundy,  BKR Founder Kate Cutler, and Molly Bernade from the lifestyle blog “A Piece of Toast“.

It was wonderful to hear the story behind the BKR glass water bottles from the founder her self. We often become innovative out of necessity and thats the story behind the BKR bottles. Kate and her partner Tal just felt like they were drinking from trash when they would throw away plastic water bottles after drinking it all. Creating something beautiful that is also sustainable helped them to stay excited about drinking their daily intake of water.

Actress Laura Bell Bundy was hilarious as usual as she explained to us that trying to choose a favorite between tv acting, broadway and signing was like trying to choose a parent. You kind of need them all! Ha ha! Her true love is with performing in general. No need to start picking sides 🙂

 When it comes to fashion, Skylar Diggins can’t go with out a black leather jacket. She was even wearing one last night. It’s a super versatile piece that is never going out of style. The true staple of her wardrobe in her “CONFIDENCE”! Just like one of her style icons Zendaya,  she feels she can wear and do anything if she is confident when she does it.

Rounding out the panelist is blogger Molly Bernade who’s current obsession is off the shoulder tops. She’s hoping they don’t go out of style too soon because of her current “investment” into so many of them. Lol  Her advice to new bloggers is to be original in your voice and content because that’s what others will love about you.

The evening was amazing and I can’t wait until the next event! Feel free to share this recap with other beautiful ladies, Enjoy!




Spring for Cheap?

As we get closer to spring we break out the bright colors, flowers, and airy dresses from out wardrobes, but it doesn’t mean we have to break the bank! Which leads me to this yellow high neck crochet top that I recently found on clearance at Forever 21 for $5 bucks! Yes I said $5! It is pretty good quality for its price and has beautiful details. 

I received so many compliments on the shirt when I wore it to an event recently and I couldn’t wait to tell all my fashion friends how much I paid for it. (Ha ha) For the evening I paired it with black wide leg pants because, well it’s too soon for me to fully commit to a complete spring look. Lol 

So here is a tip. When you start looking for new items to add to your closet as new seasons come and go, make you’re first stop the clearance section. You may find beautiful pieces that work for the current season for super cheap. You don’t have to always break the bank to get clothing that you actually want to wear. I hope this tip helps you look great and save some money. Leave me a comment and let me know how you find deals when you’re shopping for new seasons. Enjoy!