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Natural, Wild and Free | OOTD 

I couldn’t find a graphic t-shirt that truly described me so I designed a few myself. This OOTD is casual as I paired it with a pair of thrifted denim shorts and wedge heels. Just like a good pair of wedges this entire look is comfortable and easy to wear. I wore this OOTD to the Bloggers Union meeting where I enjoyed a nice seat in a beach chair on the floor. Lol (Truly comfy, ha ha)

The inspiration behind this design in based on the phrase “young, wild and free.” I just know I don’t have the choice to always be young but I  can make the choice to always be natural. Matching with my favorite colors to wear, this shirt comes in black, white, gray, and pale pink.

Leave me a comment about what the phrase “natural, wild and free” means to you, Enjoy!

Graphic T-shirtMy Society 6 Shop

Shorts- Thrifted

Shoes-Nine West

Purse- J. McLaughlin

Chic and Tapered

It’s fun sharing my hair goals with all of you!  This might sound crazy but as I’m making progress towards my tapered afro, I’m “craving” hair styles that I’m not even close to attaining like bangs and box braids. Ha ha! Every time I see a gorgeous girl with any type of bang or braids it sends me into a mini hair panic. (I know I’m so dramatic, Lol)

Over the last 3 months I’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth with my hair. I can also say that after having really long hair at one point and super short hair now, I am addicted to getting hair cuts. The hardest thing about growing my tapered afro out is staying out of the barbers chair. The top of my hair is about 3 to 3 1/2 inches long now. The sides and back are gradually shorter closer to my ears and the nape of my neck.

I love this tapered style because it’s a chic take on the twa (teeny weeny afro) and super low maintenance. Some view the twa only as a starting point. I’ve come across many naturals that have never considered keeping their natural hair short. To be honest, I did the same thing. When I big chopped, I immediately had visions of a gigantic afro in my mind. While I did achieve that, I didn’t consider all the fun styles I missed out on by growing my hair out right away.

Remember, much like life, having natural hair is a journey. You don’t have to stick to one thing. Feel free to change your hair as often as you change your mind. Don’t forget to leave comments about your current hair goals! Enjoy!













What are you doing with your hair???

After seeing my hair a bit longer than usual,the most common question I’ve been getting is “Are you growing your hair out again?”

The answer is…No! My goal is a tapered Afro and it has been a real struggle to stay out of my barbers chair. I do go to get my hair tapered infrequently but I never cut any hair off the top. Of course I found my new hair goal on Pinterest. (I call it pinspiration, LOL)

I will definitely go really short again but I am not interested in growing my hair long again in the near future. Happy growing to all my naturalistas and any one growing their hair out! Enjoy!




My pinspiration 🙂




Two weeks ago

Two weeks ago



Why I Went Natural (Must Read)

Why did you go natural? or Why do you choose not to wear your hair natural?

I saw this picture in my Bloglovin feed a few days ago and it dawned on me that the words “Go Natural” meant little to me just 5 short years ago. I’ve learned so much about living a cleaner ,more natural lifestyle both with the foods and products that I use and with how I wear my hair.

In the fall of 2010, my sister called me and said that she was going to start wearing her hair natural. This was the first I had heard of it and I quickly went on YouTube to watch the links from the videos she sent me. There I saw dozens and dozens of women empowering other women by showing them the beauty and uniqueness of their natural hair. I could not believe that I had been on earth 23 years without truly considering what I was doing with my hair. I decided that same night that I was going to follow in my sisters foot steps and wear my hair natural too! At the age of 28, I know so many amazing women of various ethnic backgrounds with beautiful hair. Hair that is beautiful because these women wear their hair exactly as it grows from their scalps with out finding fault in it.

I’m not saying these amazing women don’t flat-iron,curl, style, and change their hair often. These women just do those things for a different reason than why I was “choosing” to relax my hair with chemical straighteners. This may sound crazy, but I literally was not aware that I had options when it came to chemically straightening my hair. Was I really making a choice if I was unaware of all my options? There is a well-known saying that says “When you know better, you’ll do better”. Going natural for me took that saying and brought it to life.

 Fall 2010, Newly Natural

So again, why did you go natural? or Why do you choose not to wear your hair natural?