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Stripes + Polka Dots

I seriously have a big place in my heart for the colors black and white. That place gets even bigger when I find black and white stripes or polka dots. For this look I mashed up both of my favorites for an easy casual look.

You may be wary of mixing stripes and polka dots but this works because both of the prints are small. From a distance it even looks like I’m just wearing black pants and a gray top but when you get a bit closer you can see that it’s patterned. The top is an over sized tank that is perfect for keeping cool. The pants are cropped and have a relaxed fit as well. This OOTD is a perfect no fuss look for a casual lunch with friends or even a movie. I like to have shoe options so you can compliment this OOTD with a heel or go for your chucks. Either way, you’ll look great. (Headed to work for a few hours? Just throw on a blazer!)

What’s your favorite casual look? Leave me a comment with the details. Enjoy!

Jersey Scoop Top- Old NavyJersey Scoop Top- Old Navy

Harper Pants- Old Navy

Sunnies- New Yorker (Riga, Latvia)

Purse-Charming Charlie (similar)

Shoes- Antonio Melani/Dillards

Inclán Design Studio

Maternal last names can get lost through marriage but Designer Paola Contreras made sure that her grandmother’s maiden name would live forever through Inclán. Paola is one third of the diverse team that makes up Inclán. And the story goes, Paola stalked Clarence Lee, Clarence stalked Thao Phuong Le, and they all designed happily ever after. (Ha ha!)

They are able to create together because of the unmatched work ethic that they share. Paola, Clarence, and Thao graduated from the Art Institute in 2013,2014, and 2015 respectively. The only reason they took notice of each other is because they were always at school working. Paola knew she wanted to build a team to help Inclán flourish and what better way to do that than seeing someones expertise in an educational setting. Once Clarence and Paola were solidified they then set their eyes on Thao who seemed to have a sought after set of skills.

As this trio continued to work together they sort of fell into different specialties that help make something as complicated as fashion design just a bit simpler. Thao is a pattern making extraordinaire while Clarence is a maven with illustration and technical design while Paola spearheads concepts as well as fabric selections.

Inclán is known for classic design that is “different”. By different I mean ready-to- wear pieces that are perfectly fabric blocked with pockets on nearly everything. Inclan is edgy, fun, unique, refined and most importantly, all the magic happens right here in Houston Texas! It just doesn’t get much better that that.

Spending time at the Inclán Studio has taught me much more about the design process than I’ve ever known. It was crazy fun, team oriented and I can’t wait to go back! Now that you’re smitten like I am, you can get Inclan online, at Azuz Boutique and Sloan Hall. Enjoy!

How to Style Boyfriend Jeans

For some ladies boyfriend jeans may be a bit scary to tackle because they are the epitome of things that are not feminine. They’re not fitted, and don’t show off any curves. Most girls are concerned about looking like a slouch in them but I’m going to show you a way to style them so that you look and feel great while you’re wearing them.

Try pairing your boyfriend jeans with something super feminine! It’s an automatic way to balance things out. For this look I chose a red and white floral top with a front tie. I mean, whats more girly that flowers! This works so well because it shows just a sliver of mid drift which is another way to feel sexy with out feeling over exposed.

I decided on my converse sneakers because I was going on a walking tour in Riga. I also took along a long sleeve shirt just incase it got cool while we were out. This resulted in a cool and comfy look that was fit for being active yet looking fashion forward. Leave me a comment to tell me about your favorite way to style boyfriend jeans, Enjoy!


Floral Top- Resevered (Riga, Latvia)

Boy Friend Jeans-NewYorker (Riga,Latvia)

Olive Shirt- Old Navy

Shoes- Converse



Richly Clad

Many will say that women don’t know what they want. They obviously are not talking about Cara Carbajal and Kahia Perry of Richly Clad. These two girls are go getters and knew well before starting their build out what Richly Clad would be like. You can find this Upper Kirby boutique inside a quaint cottage at 2705 Bammel Lane. The name Richly Clad represents style while simultaneously encompassing the way they want their clients to feel with they shop there. Owners Kahia and Cara were friends and worked together for years before they decided that Richly Clad was in their futures.

Kahia and Cara share a similar aesthetic but still have their own styles. Cara loves feminine things like lace camisoles while Kahia is a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl but their joint love for neutrals show in the selections available in the boutique. It’s really a minimalist’s dream which is why I was giddy just being there. They selectively add pops of color into the store as they see fit. Carrying over eight local brands, the clothing and accessories there are everyday wear. The pieces you get at Richly Clad will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe to mix and match with existing pieces. Around 50% of their items are exclusive to Richly Clad so you don’t have to worry about someone else wearing your new favorite finds.

Their goal is to give each customer a personal and private shopping experience. It’s not rushed or overcrowded like some strip center stores can be. Imagine you walk into your friend’s house and make your way to her closet. There you find the perfect tee, well made jeans, adorable dresses, and locally made accessories. That’s exactly how it feels to shop at Richly Clad! Spacious dressing rooms and the cutest bathroom ever really makes you feel at home. Kahia and Cara are even there to help you find and put together complete looks if you’d like another opinion of an outfit.

Go see Kahia and Cara at Richly Clad for a down home shopping experience. Enjoy!


Styled by Cara: Eastnwest Label lace bralette, Gold Hawk lace and silk cami, 3×1 bell bottoms, Brass Thread x Lilah Gabriel necklace, Pared eyewear, and Maria Turner Clutch

Lace Up Swimsuit | OOTD

One piece swimsuits get a bad reputation for being boring so bringing in a current trend helps keep them spicy. This white one piece is business in the front and party in the back. Lace up tops, dresses, and body suits are alive and well right now so why not bring it into the pool.

This suit may look basic but the magic is in the details.  There are wide straps balanced by a square neck line. Of course the lace up in the front is what catches your eye but don’t forget about the high cut bottom and the nearly backless back. All of these things come together to make this one piece truly stand out. I can’t lie, I feel like royalty when I wear it. Leave me a comment to tell me what current trends you’d like to see in a one piece swimsuit. Enjoy!

Swimsuit- Amazon

Shoes- Aldo